Fashion Necklaces /2011

احدث اجدد واروع واجمل واشيك Fashion Necklaces /2011

Shirt neck are too many, it can be difficult to choose to wear the right jewelry necklaces with them. Some women have only one or two necklaces that use most of their clothes. When it comes to some sections, but only completely skip a necklace, they do not know how the two fit together successfully. This article describes the most popular clips, collars, and what type of mode is required, the completed well.


V-neck T-shirts are easy to focus. Only a necklace in an ideal location on the ceiling. The weight of the roof, the string must be in a "V" move, like the neck of the shirt he wears.


From the front of the neck hangs around his neck, and you want to shirt or fix your pearls necklaces. You can choose jewelry, wear several necklaces, or simply for a review. Bead colors are working with more color with clear glass beads rolled your PC is more stylish.


If you are not a division, you might want to drop on a necklace with a pendant that just below the base of the neck. Just a simple necklace with a small stimulus is needed. You do not want to exaggerate, if there is no collar for use in combination with the collar fashion.

Square neck

A square neckline works well with a necklace. The position at the top will draw attention to the neck, a collar that is loose in the neck, it is easy to recognize. If you do not like the proximity of a necklace, choose a necklace that is not too long, like the one below, the least effective addition to the panty.


Poles come with a longer neck than most other peaks. This can draw attention to her cleavage, but can be restored with the chains in the right way. Select an area has a steep slope that makes a bold statement.

As you can see, various necklaces with different sections blouse be worn. It is important that the best jewelry with top pair, you understand well the work of two together. Check this article each time you use a different type of shirt if you need advice, what kind of fashion necklaces choose.You not want a collar that is too arrogant required for the neck - and at the same time, do not want to hide no cut his necklace smaller!


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